Giving back to the communities is a core value at Northstar

Our passion for service goes beyond investment advice. Here’s a look at the non-profit organizations we have supported throughout the years.

Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

Fred Taylor:

Board member: 1999 to present

Chairman: 2019

Vice-Chairman: 2017 - 2019

Treasurer: 2001 to 2019

Chairman, Investment committee: 2001 to 2019


Fred Taylor:

Board Member: 2016 - Present; Vice Chair: 2018 - Present

Colorado Forum

Fred Taylor:

Member: 2010 - Present

Colorado State Land Board Public School Investment Fund Board

Fred Taylor:

Board member: 2016 - 2018

Denver B-cycle

Bob Van Wetter:

Board Member: 2015-Present

Denver Zoological Board

Fred Taylor:

Board Member and Treasurer: 1996-2003

Pro Comp - Denver Public Schools

Fred Taylor:

Trustee & Investment Committee Member: 2012-2014

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

Bob Van Wetter:

Board member: 2006-2013

Board Chair: 2011-2013

Colorado Zoological Trust

Fred Taylor:

Board member: 1996-2003

Board chairman: 1997-2003

Children's Museum of Denver

Bob Van Wetter:

Board member: 2000-2006

Finance Committee Chair: 2003-2006

Lutheran Medical Center

Bob Van Wetter:

Board Member: 2018-Present

Mountain Area Land Trust

Charlie Farrell:

Board member: 2015- Present

Biennial of the Americas

Fred Taylor:

Treasurer:  2012 - 2014

Colorado Public Radio

Sponsors: 1996 - Present

Denver Foundation

Fred Taylor:

Investment committee: 1999-2014

Chairman: 2005-2009

Board member: 2003-2009

Women's Foundation of Colorado

Fred Taylor:

Board member and investment committee chairman: 2008-2012
Dads For Daughters, founding member: 2009-present

Kent Denver School

Fred Taylor:

Board member: 2002-2008

Investment committee chairman: 2003-2008

Colorado Health Foundation

Bob Van Wetter:

Investment Committee: 2010-2013

Colorado Ski Museum

Bob Van Wetter:

Board of Trustees: 1994-1999

Denver Public Library Friends Foundation

Charlie Farrell:

Board member: 2011-2013

Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc.

Charlie Farrell:

Investment Committee:  2012 - present