Global Dividend Disconnect

While there’s been a lot of talk on Wall Street about improving earnings and economic growth, the truth is those talked-about improvements are not being reflected in global dividend growth.  Executives usually think long and hard about how much cash they really have available to send out in dividends.Once they pay or increase a dividend, investors expect them to pay at least that much the next year.  Basically, dividends are where the rubber meets the road in terms of business performance.   

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Making a Difference Through Impact Denver

About a year ago, I started thinking about how to expand my professional network and get better acquainted with the non-profits serving our community. My goal was to learn more about the issues facing Denver and to figure out where I might be able to plug in and use my skills.

My desire to get more involved led me to Impact Denver, a leadership development program offered by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. The six-month program takes established professionals and equips them with the knowledge, network, skills and experience they need to enhance their impact in the community.

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