About Us

Northstar Investment Advisors, LLC is an independent, fee-only , fiduciary investment advisory firm focused on the management of personal portfolios.


You should work with a firm whose values about money reflect your values about money. At Northstar, we value careful, prudent and balanced solutions to money and wealth management.


We give our time and financial support to exciting programs that enhance the quality of life for our clients and their neighbors.

Working with Northstar

Northstar approaches business differently. We provide our clients with individualized attention, in-house technical expertise and a transparent fee structure that ties our success to that of our clients.


Who is Northstar Investment Advisors, LLC?

Northstar is a registered investment advisor in Denver, Colorado. We are a privately owned firm, and the Northstar principals manage and control the firm. We primarily work with individuals and families on the management of their personal wealth. Our mission is to help our clients build portfolios that can last a lifetime. Thus, we work on building both income streams and asset values for our clients. Meet the team »

How Do We Charge?

Northstar is a fee-only registered investment advisor. That means we charge an investment advisory fee to manage our clients’ money, and we do not earn commissions. The fee is based on a percentage of the assets in the account and is generally paid quarterly directly from the account. We believe this creates a straightforward relationship that is clear and transparent.  More about our fees »

What is a Fiduciary?

Northstar serves as a fiduciary on our clients’ accounts. That means it is our job to do what we believe is in your best interest. We are your advisor and our commitment is to take care of your investments on an ongoing basis. Thus, we manage, monitor and maintain portfolios in accordance with your objectives and needs.

Who Do I Work With?

Each client has a primary portfolio manager who serves as their main contact at the firm. Each portfolio manager works in collaboration with the investment committee to determine investment strategy and security selection. Additionally, all of our portfolio managers are here to help in the event your primary manager may not be available. We also have a well-trained and friendly support team that offers personal assistance for administrative and other non-investment related matters. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, personal service to our clients.  More about working with Northstar »

What is Our Investment Philosophy?

At Northstar, we follow an Income First Total Return Strategy® in our portfolios. Instead of trying to chase or predict random price movements for securities, our primary objective is to generate, grow and reinvest income from both stock dividends and bond interest. We call it Income First Total Return® because we think of the income first in our security selection process.

This strategy is based on the time-tested financial concept that as a security produces more income, it becomes more valuable, so you can receive both price and income appreciation. We think the Income First Total Return Strategy® fits well with the objectives of personal portfolio management. Ultimately, most investors want to live off the returns from their portfolios, and the Income First Total Return Strategy® is a prudent way to help build assets, protect portfolios and create streams of distributable cash flow to support your lifestyle.  More about our strategy »

Is There An Account or Relationship Minimum?

In general, we have a new client relationship minimum of $2 million. The relationship minimum, however, may be subject to waiver or negotiation at our discretion.

Who Holds My Money?

When you work with Northstar, your accounts are held at an independent, qualified third-party custodian. We work with large, well-known national custodians. Having an independent third party custodian serves to protect your money and creates an important separation between the party that holds your money (the custodian) and the party that manages it (Northstar). You receive monthly statements from the custodian and confirmations of trades made on your behalf. Northstar also generally provides its own separate set of semi-annual portfolio reports to help you better understand how your assets are allocated and managed.

Work With Us

Northstar requires a $2 million account minimum.