Cybersecurity Update

Just as the markets have seemingly entered a new phase, so too has cybercrime. It used to be that your email and online financial accounts posed the biggest threat to the security of our personal data. Now it appears that the profiles from those innocuous social media channels like Facebook and the data gleaned from…

The Price We Pay for Keeping Our Promises

Recent studies show that most Americans cannot tell the difference between various investment products available for retirement accounts. That, and most Americans don’t know whom to ask for advice and how much to pay for that advice. Whether it’s stocks, bonds, variable annuities, mutual funds or any number of ‘alternative investments,’ that confusion translates into…

Ransomware – what is it and why should we worry

Just when you finished securing all of your private information to make it safe from identity thieves, along comes ransomware. This increasingly popular and disruptive form of cybercrime – which makes files and data stored on computers inaccessible unless a ransom is paid – was once an obscure niche for hackers. In addition to individual PC users, ransomware attacks are now affecting larger systems including government agencies and some of the world’s biggest corporations. With sophisticated ransomware software available online for hackers to use and the rise of anonymous digital currencies such as bitcoin, chances are good that the attacks will continue to evolve and multiply.
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