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Bringing Your Family into the Conversation

At Northstar, our relationship isn’t just with your wealth, it’s with you and your whole family.  We want to collaborate with you to ensure that your plans are in place, that transitions are smooth, and that you feel comfortable that your needs are met during your lifetime.  We’ve known many of you for a long time and have met many of your family members – parents, brothers and sisters, kids and grandkids, but we want to do better.  We want to be 100% conscientious in providing you the best money management advice to fit your circumstances.

My name is John Riecke.  I’ve been part of the Northstar team for almost three years, trading and rebalancing your accounts providing other administrative duties for you. In the time I’ve been her, I have learned how important your relationship with Northstar is. You’ve spent a lifetime building up your wealth and you want to make sure that those assets are well taken care of during your lifetime and after they are passed to your heirs.

In addition to managing your assets, we can also help you set up accounts for your descendants and other family members.

Do you need to create a trust?  Does a recently graduated grandchild need help setting up a Roth IRA?  Maybe an adult child would like to begin saving money outside of their retirement accounts and needs some professional assistance.  We can help in all of these circumstances, and we can provide you with names of reputable estate planning attorneys and CPAs.

The more your family knows about our strategy, the more peace of mind we can provide.  An opportunity to say hello, to ask a question, and to meet the team managing your wealth can make a world of difference. To that end, family members are always welcome at our client appreciation and education events as well.

At Northstar, our purpose is to provide you with peace of mind. While we can’t control the markets, we can work with you to help ensure that your money is invested in a way that enhances your wealth and your lifestyle.  We appreciate the trust you put in us to make that happen

We enjoy our work, we’re passionate about providing for your wealth management needs, and we want you to be confident that we’re providing excellent service.  So call us today, send an email, or come visit.  We love seeing you and knowing the people for whom we work.

The material in this newsletter is for general information and education purposes only. It does not constitute individual investment, tax or legal advice. Consult your individual advisors for investment, tax or legal advice specific to your circumstances. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns, and investing involves multiple risks, including, but not limited to, the risk of permanent losses.

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