Meet the First Recipient of the Northstar Investment Advisors Scholarship

In August, we awarded the first Northstar Investment Advisors Scholarship to Miquel Moroyoqui, a senior studying finance at Metropolitan State University of Denver. We wanted to share a bit more information about Miguel and why his application captured our attention.

A first-generation American, Miguel will be  the first in his family to graduate from college. He applied for the Northstar scholarship on the very day he heard about it, thinking the funding would help cover some essential expenses. He has depended on financial aid, student loans and support from his parents to cover the majority of his educational expenses.

“I know if someone sacrifices their money for my success, I will not fail them,” wrote Miguel in his application.

Miguel grew up in Longmont, Colo., where he played baseball for Longmont High School and earned all Northern League honors despite lacking sight in his right eye. Miguel says the disability – the result of an accident that occurred when he was two years old – has taught him to overcome adversity and built character.

“It has shaped me into a strong and confident person,”  said Miguel.

Miguel chose finance as his major because he wanted to pursue a field where he could utilize his strong math skills. Living within limited means, Miguel has also been good at managing his own money and wanted to expand his knowledge about budgeting and investing. He has enjoyed his financial management classes most and is eager to take his experience to the next level through Advanced Investment Management, a senior-level course that allows students to manage a live equity portfolio with actual cash value.

“It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s exciting because it’s what I want to do,” said Miguel.

In addition to taking four courses, Miguel works a six-hour shift at UPS every morning. He’ll graduate in December 2020 and hopes to land a job that will lead to a long-term career in finance – one that will eventually allow him to support his parents who he says have worked hard all their lives for him and his siblings.

“I am not privileged, and my family is not very wealthy. Although this is how I have always lived, I believe that a bachelor’s degree can change that for me and my family.”

Miguel would like to use his education to help people better understand finance and how to maximize their earnings. He dreams of one day becoming a financial advisor or investment manager and eventually earning a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.


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