Northstar Milestones

Northstar Investment Advisors was created to provide personalized, locally-based investment guidance, in a market dominated by large out-of-state banks and fast-growing mutual funds. The firm's partners were committed to offering well-researched investment advice rather than simply selling clients on commission-based products. Those same desires — to deliver independent, responsive, and transparent service — continue to drive our business today.

July, 1995Northstar Investment Advisors established by Fred Taylor, Bob Van Wetter, Dick Kopp, and Moses Taylor.
Dow Jones stands at 4,708.
December, 1995Northstar's assets under management are $43 million.
1996Northstar begins underwriting Colorado Public Radio.
1998Tim Waymire joins Northstar as a portfolio manager.
2000Northstar's assets grow to $178 million.
Tim Waymire becomes a partner.
Dow Jones is at 10,940.
2005Northstar’s assets under management are $189 million.
Dow Jones is at 10,717.
2007Charlie Farrell joins the firm as a portfolio manager.
2008Moses Taylor retires from Northstar.
Northstar creates its own retirement income index.
2009Charlie Farrell publishes the book Your Money Ratios: 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security at Every Stage of Life.
December, 2010Charlie Farrell becomes a partner in Northstar.
The Dow Jones ends the year at 11,577.
Northstar’s assets under management jump to $323 million.
2011Dick Kopp retires from Northstar.
2013Tim Waymire retires from Northstar.
Fred Taylor becomes president, Charlie Farrell CEO, and Bob Van Wetter Chief Operations Officer and Chief Compliance Officer.
2015Firm manages assets of $528 million and celebrates 20th anniversary.
Dow Jones starts the year at 17,823.
2020Northstar celebrates 25th anniversary and reaches $843 million in assets under management. The Dow Jones starts the year at 28,868.

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Northstar requires a $2 million account minimum.