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Investing in a 529 Plan

If you are like most people saving for college is a daunting task and financially it seems overwhelming to even get started. However, the good

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Community Involvement

Celebrating 25 Years

Twenty-five years ago this month Fred Taylor, Dick Kopp, Moses “Tony” Taylor and I upended our otherwise routine lives to start Northstar. Although the four

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Lower Rates Lower Returns

At its last meeting, the Federal Reserve said it expects to keep interest rates near zero through 2022. The move is mean to bolster the

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Federal Reserve Building, image of the front engraving on the building

The Fed Lifts Markets

If you are trying to figure out why the stock market has been going up while the economy is going down, you probably don’t have

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What the Market Needs Now

When I first examined the coronavirus and its potential impact on the markets in early March, I advised revisiting individual asset allocation to ensure that

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