Portfolio Strategy

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Portfolio Strategies

Northstar operates as what we call a Private Money Manager. What that means is we run our own portfolio of individual stocks and bonds and we know each of our clients personally. Most money managers who run portfolios of individual stocks and bonds do not meet with individual clients. They often simply manage the money, but don’t know much about the people whose money is in their fund.

At Northstar, we believe in having a tight match between the specific securities we include in our clients’ portfolios and what our clients’ goals and objectives are. The people who are running your portfolio know you personally. We think this creates more transparency, trust and a better outcome for our clients.

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Because we work primarily with individuals and families, we run two portfolio strategies:

1) a portfolio for those still accumulating assets and

2) a portfolio for those who are living off their investments.

Those are the two fundamental investment lifecycles for individual investors. Most people want to accumulate adequate assets so that they can then live off their assets.

Accumulation Strategy:

  • Designed for investors who are still accumulating wealth
  • Offers greater price appreciation potential
  • Focuses on compounding cash flow and capital gains
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Distribution / Retirement Income Strategy:

  • Designed for investors who are living off their money, or are within a few years of doing so
  • Offers more consistent income and portfolio stability
  • Focuses on using growing cash flow to meet annual distributions

As a private money manager, we do our own research on the companies and securities in our portfolio. It’s important to us to know what we own, and we think that creates a better portfolio for our clients, particularly in times of stress. We follow a low turnover approach, and we like to be tax efficient. In summary, we think there are many benefits that flow to our clients because we operate as a private money manager.

If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to contact us at 303-832-2300.

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Northstar requires a $2 million account minimum.