Working With Northstar

Northstar approaches business differently. We provide our clients with individualized attention, in-house technical expertise and a transparent fee structure that ties our success to that of our clients. 

Here is a closer look at what separates us from the competition: 

Fiduciary Standard

As a registered investment advisor, Northstar operates under a fiduciary standard of care.  This means you are working with professionals who are dedicated to doing what’s in your best interest.

Fee Only Advisor

Northstar is also a fee only advisor, which means the only compensation Northstar receives for managing client portfolios are the investment advisory fees paid directly by our clients.  

  • Fees are based on the size of the client’s portfolio, and are generally paid on a quarterly basis.  
  • Northstar’s fees are directly related to how well we help our clients grow and protect their wealth.  We believe the fee-only relationship places us in direct partnership with our clients.
  • Money managed by Northstar is held by third-party custodians – usually large, national companies who provide our clients with a high level of security at very low costs. The third party custodian arrangement creates an important layer of protection for our clients as there is always an independent valuation of their assets.

Team Management

When you work with Northstar, you have a relationship with our entire firm.  

  • A committee comprised of the principals of our firm and the firm’s portfolio managers oversee, research and set all of our investment strategies.
  • Clients work with a primary portfolio manager, who is responsible for the management of their accounts.  We also assign secondary portfolio managers to clients, so there are always two managers who are familiar with each portfolio.  
  • A team of service professionals is dedicated to the timely and accurate completion of the tasks needed to operate and service our clients’ portfolios. We pride ourselves on taking great care of our clients and their families. 

Work With Us

Northstar requires a $2 million account minimum.